Spanaki Gang Bag / Group Exhibition

April 14, 2014

Last Thursday was the opening of the the group exhibition Gang Bag, in Thessaloniki. Miss Anna from Spanaki, asked 26 talented people (and yes! I was one of them!) to use their personal style and design on paper, which is then used as the basis for the final construction of the bag. The result was amazing!  

Each clutch is unique and is also available for sale, so if you are in Thessaloniki, the exhibition is still on until 5th of May, at The Box Gallery.

All the participating artists: Maria Antoniou / George Valmas / Antonis Giannopoulos / Athena Dimitriadou / Dimitris Mougkos / George Bakas / Athena Pappas / Nadia Stasinou / BestBefore / Fanis Rami / Harrison / James Enox / Kuki / Lorelai Sebastian / Loopo Studio / Ménage à Trois / NoHoot / Original Replica / RTM / SER / Simoni Fontana / Simao / Theanno G. / Vt4d / Wake / Zofos

Congratulations to everyone and a big thanks to Miss Spanaki for all this!



Jo said...

o thee!! pou tis vriskoume autes??????????

Anne's Cake Party said...

yperteleies re! mpravo to koritsi mas!!!