This Year I want

December 29, 2011

 to read more stories

take long walks

be more creative

find romance
New Year's Eve, NYC, 1965 (Kiss me, stupid)

dance even more

enjoy more tunes

travel more

make a change

write more letters

make dreams come true
(click on the photos to see the original source. For some of them i couldn't find the sourse, so if you don't like your photos here, please contact me and will put a credit to you or I will remove them immediately. )

Happy New Year everyone!

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My Christmas

December 20, 2011

My Christmas will be magical! Lost in pages and in other times!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, but my hands were so busy with projects and exams. However holidays are so close so I promise outfit posts are coming real soon!

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December 12, 2011

 Waiting  For Christmas 

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First Roll

December 5, 2011

Old photos from my first roll using my vintage Zenit 12cd. Alexander was my inspiration for the night. Actually I feel proud I used the right settings, it was the first time I used an analog camera!

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