Lunch & Gift Wrapping Paperbags - Printables

February 25, 2014

Hello friends! Well as you see the last days was quite creative! I thought I could experiment with paperbags and try something on my home printer! I guess it I prepared for you some simple designs to print them on your own, and make lunch and gift wrapping bags! For the printing, all you have to do is secure the paper bag (you can also use the ones with the flat bottom ), on a A4,using some tape (see this photo). Use the lunch bags for your fruits, cookies, your toast (yeaah, I always have some snack on my bag!) or for your picnic party! You can also stick some plastic forks or spoons using glue, on small pegs, and then clip them on the paper bags. Everyone will be thrilled to enjoy their treats! As for the gift bags, just fold carefully the top, and mark with a pencil the middle of the bag. Then just make two holes right and left from the middle. Use a thin ribbon or colored rope, add maybe some tags and your gift wrapping bag is ready! Well I hope you liked my idea..just enjoy it!

Spring Wishlist

February 20, 2014

Well I was really drifted by the weather, these days, thinking spring is here, or at least is really close! Is definitely my favourite season (along with autumn) so I can't wait for the sunny days, and the colorful outfits! 

Let’s go to to a castle at Scotland and share stories about dragons and wizards.

February 18, 2014

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Coffee Walk - Free Wallpaper

Hello friends! Firts of all I wanna say a big thanx to all of you, for your kind comments and your participation on the last Etsy giveaway. Your feedback is always highly appreciated. More surprises are coming so stay tuned! Well, these days the weather was so good, it felt like spring time for a moment! It was the perfect set up for long coffee walks with friends, just to get all the sunlight! So I got inspired and I made for you these desktop and smartphone wallpapers! Download them HERE. Enjoy the suns,while it lasts! 

Etsy Shop Gift Card Giveaway

February 3, 2014

Hello lovelies! Well February is another month to celebrate! My 29th birthday is coming and I say its a very good reason for a giveaway! You may already know, that I love handmade stuff and I can spend literally hours, browsing on Etsy for small this time, I thought that the lucky one will get a 20€ Gift Card to spend on Etsy Shop. It will be pretty hard for him to choose, I mean Etsy is full of goodies for all kind of tastes. But if you need some are some of my favourite items!

one    two    three     four    five    six

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Good luck people!