Had it All

September 28, 2013

Hello lovelies! Well..this was a weird and busy week! I have some great news actually...One of my portfolio projects (check it Here) will be featured on a 'layout-design' themed book, which will be launched by a publishing house in China. So I feel super lucky and excited about this opportunity. Also I was lucky enough to win a beautiful Cocorrina necklace from a giveaway that co hosted by Corina and Latrina from Of Trees and Hues. Thank you girls! Photos will be posted soon! The truth is that I wished I had time for some actual outfit photos, but i was busy so instead I took these indoors shots of my currently favourite wardrobe items! Hope you like them!

Ps: I ordered from Ebay a M42 lens adaptor, so that I will be able ti use my Helios 44M-4 lens (from Zenit camera) on my Canon dslr. I'm so curious and can't wait to test it and experiment with some clicks!

Meet Surfdome and my new foxy top!

September 25, 2013

Lovely miss Corina from Surfdomea fashion retailer online store based in London,  contacted me asking if I would like to partner with them, and post a review about an item I will pick. I really liked this opportunity so...I chose this super cute Sugarhill Boutique foxy top! It was really hard to pick many girly tops with collars (yes! you know I have a thing for collars!). But I wanted a black sleeveless top for the new season so this seemed like the perfect choice...and it has cute foxes on it!! It fits great and I really loved the 'double collar' detail. Cant wait to match it with the rest of my wardrobe!

 Of course I couldn't resist and after so many clicks, I have a here are some of my favourite picks from Surfdome !

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[ Enjoy the clicks! ]

Getting Ready

September 12, 2013

Automn I'm ready, please come! (while waiting listen here)

Let's ride out the storm just a little bit longer...

September 6, 2013

It's raining men, haleluia!



French Kiss


Raining Run

Rain rain rain...


...and the rain.



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Treasures on Etsy Shop

September 1, 2013

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