Wear Vintage Opening Party

December 24, 2010

Wednesday night was time! Wear Vintage moved downtown to a very retro,cozy place and invited all of us, vintage maniacs to celebrate with a lot of wine, vintage tunes and really tasty cheese bites!Enjoy the vintage spirit!

 Alex and me

 fabulous  Vero

 Kostadinos (in the middle) and his friends!

Vero , Anthi, Alex and me

The place was really crowded so I couldn't take very clear photos...sorry!
Check out Blame it on the boogie and Obsession in Vogue for more pics!

Go vintage!

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December 19, 2010

Hello friends...Today was the "Swap Not shop"  party at the Barrister cafe!
 I have to admit it was more than what i was expecting to be! Everyone seemed excited with the idea of giving away old items and getting new ones for free! one day I met new people and also other bloggers... Annie, Daphne, Joanna, Panagiota, DinDinaki Koudounaki ...we ate the delicious muffins,  baked by Lou  for the occasion ...we danced to rock 'n' roll tunes , played live by Poster Life and of course we went home with old/new treasures!I'm guessing this is only the beginning ... i'm waiting for the sequel!
Enjoy the photos!

Hasta luego!

ps: credits to Veronica for the photo of me at the mirror! see also Vero's  and Froso's posts for the party!They have amazing photos!

Christmas Lights

December 18, 2010

Just a walk in the city...

...and DON'T you forget...tomorrow

Peter Pan Collar

December 4, 2010

Well the Peter Pan Collar may first appeared to school uniforms, but from the mid twentieth century until now has become not only popular but also a FASHION STATEMENT.

This specific type of collar has been named after the fictional  character of Peter Pan and it really changed the boring neckline to a chic and stylish piece. We've seen it to a lot of catwalks and is an element you can dressed up with during all day!
So as you know internet is full of treasures...

Get inspired!

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