Common People (Like You)

October 31, 2011

I first saw his work here, and then I met him in person at the opening of  the project ''Valaoritou 20''  and his photos along with the titles he chooses for them, made quite an impression on me! I admit I am huge fan of Playmobils, so you can imagine that exterior photos and snapshots in the city with those little figures posing, is something that definitely draws your attention. So this time Toss Gallery presents the new work of Nikos Rakkas  titled Common People (Like you).  The opening night is this Thursday 03/11/2011 at 20:30.  I would say if you are in Thesaloniki, Don't miss it! You can find out more details about Nikos here.
Attend the facebook event here

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October 26, 2011

Τeenage Αngst

October 23, 2011

This one goes for the people of Thessaloniki. During the Parallel Activities of 15th Biennale of young creators from Europe and the Mediterranean, this exposition will take place. Introduced by Dynamo Project Space, 50 creators aged 14-18 have taken part to the project,  in order to show us what means after all Teenage Angst. It sounds really interesting, Dont miss it!
  For more Info, dates and names check out Dynamo project-space

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Nicolas AW 2011

October 20, 2011

Yesterday I was invited to watch the fashion show of Nicolas, who presented his collection  for AW2011, and I have to admit it was certainly a nice surprise  how much I enjoyed the evening. First of all, allow me to start with the excellent music tunes from Dimitris Papakonstadinou, that totally dragged you into the mood of the 50's! The hall of Porto Palace was just the place for the ocassion and Stefanos Malamas who actually was the art director of the show, created the perfect set so as to highlight the designer's clothes. My favourite pieces was definitely the 'old-school' circle skirts, the dresses and the lace details that reminded me chic, classy women from the past. Also big hit of the show was the two tone shoes and bags from the store Zenya. As you can imagine it was impossible to post all the outfits so I chose my faourites. Hope you enjoyed them! 
Big Thanx to Iliana Tsiaprazi Stamou and Stefano Malama for the invitation.
Keep up the good work!

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New equals Old

October 15, 2011

My latest finding ...Vintage Givenchy frames.

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October 11, 2011

(photo's source: Williamyan)

The American designer Mark McNairy and his footwear line New Ansterdam launches for the upcoming Spring 2012 collection those  stunning  brogues and boots. I love the combination of the traditional english style with the more cheerful floral patterns...definitely my kind of shoes. I can see they are the next season hit! Check his footwear collection here and here.
Can you pull them off?

Something To Look Forward To

October 8, 2011

(photos found through Google, editing in photoshop)

Things that will keep me awake:
1. Tights - I have a thing for them.!
2. Something that sparkles - maybe shoes.
3. Dslr camera - saving money 
4. Peter pan collar dress 
5. Owl and Deer accessories - (deer ring, owl ring, necklace)
6. 8 days away from the beginning of my course as a graphic designer!
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Outfit Post

October 3, 2011

Photos taken by Veronika and Alexander. Big Thanx guys!

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Catwalk . Notos Galleries

October 2, 2011

A catwalk fashion show for a 'Birthday party' is the perfect plan for a Saturday morning! Notos Galleries was celebrating the one year of their store at Thessaloniki and invited me and my fashion  friends, Veronika and Alexander to attend the fashion show they held for the occasion. We definitely saw some interesting pieces (actually my personal favourites were with no doubt the tights!) and we totally enjoyed the live performance of Atma. I also had the pleasure to meet Elena Pakou from LFOF and Lopy from Fashion Architect who came for the show. Check also the video, I prepared!

Huge Thanx to Veronika for the photos.You are the best! Check out Blame it on the boogie and Obsession in Vogue for more photos.

Stay tuned for the outfit post!

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