Ice Tea Photography

July 31, 2013

ice tea

A wee little snack
Ice tea... (film)
iced tea
344/365  ice milk tea.
cold cold ice tea to the rescue!
Ice lemon tea*

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Free Wallpaper Desktop Callendar, August

July 30, 2013

Desktop wallpaper I designed for the month August. Download it  HERE. 
(available in 3 dimensions: 1920x1200, 1280x1024, 1024x768)

A girl's room

Typewriter Photography and Fonts

July 28, 2013

Typewriter Monday
At my desk, 35mm film
Typewriter 2
The Last Rolls of Kodachrome: Lonely Typewriter
Royal Typewriter (and abacus)
polaroid-a-day: 13/30

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So if you are a typewriter lover and you are a fan of old and retro letters, here are some free typewriter fonts you can dowload: 1/2/3/4/5/6 .

Lost Letters - Pen Pal Tumblr


I never had the chance to post on this blog about "Lost Letters" tumblr page and I think now is the time. My girl Christina from Forest Dreams, as a dreaming girl she is herself, created a tumblr page, in 2012 for other romantic girls who also share the same enthusiasm for writing and exchanging letters. In other words Lost Letters is a pen pal group page only for girls.You can click HERE and see what I'm talking about, be part of Lost Letters, creat your own post with your profile information and find a new pen-friend! 

Lost letters and writings

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Red Velvet Cake

July 25, 2013

Well I have to admit that the past few weeks, I was really obsessed  (I blame my people in Athens) with the red velvet cake, and when Christina send me this recipe she found on line, I thought well...why not give it a try! It tastes really good, I think next time I'll try the red velvet cupcakes...Enjoy the photos!