This Year I want

December 29, 2011

 to read more stories

take long walks

be more creative

find romance
New Year's Eve, NYC, 1965 (Kiss me, stupid)

dance even more

enjoy more tunes

travel more

make a change

write more letters

make dreams come true
(click on the photos to see the original source. For some of them i couldn't find the sourse, so if you don't like your photos here, please contact me and will put a credit to you or I will remove them immediately. )

Happy New Year everyone!

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My Christmas

December 20, 2011

My Christmas will be magical! Lost in pages and in other times!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, but my hands were so busy with projects and exams. However holidays are so close so I promise outfit posts are coming real soon!

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December 12, 2011

 Waiting  For Christmas 

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First Roll

December 5, 2011

Old photos from my first roll using my vintage Zenit 12cd. Alexander was my inspiration for the night. Actually I feel proud I used the right settings, it was the first time I used an analog camera!

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November 26, 2011

You know I always say... Internet is full of treasures! Well that's true, searching through our favourite Etsy shop, I found these independents designers that create beautiful shoes. Check them out.

Golden Ponies
Goldenponies is an  independent line for shoes made of leather, created by Erandi Gutiérrez that are designed and handcrafted in Mexico.Designs inspired by the 60s and in the classic jazz and ballet shoes. You can even choose what color you want for your new shoes! Check the website here and the Etsy shop here.

Ren Cuming, a shoemaker with a passion for creating, make there beautiful and unique leather shoes. As Ren says...''I sew by day, and knit by night... its a good life!''. Here is the site and here is the Etsy shop.

Dori and Michele Kasinsky from London make these simple and chic ballet flats. They take custom orders so you can order the perfect size and color for your style. Check the Etsy shop here

Hope you like them!

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Charlotte Taylor

November 22, 2011



You may already know that I'm obsessed with patterns lately, so you can imagine that when I stumbled upon Charlotte Taylor's blog and I saw her collections my heart stopped beating! I adore everything about them, the colors combinations, the shapes and the general esthetics. Her latest collection Spring/Summer 2012 is inspired by spring time, spring sounds and activities, Bonsai and Sakura trees. Check out her website for past collections too and stay tuned or find out more about the talented Charlotte by reading her blog

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Photoshooting for ImatioΘiki

November 18, 2011

(all photos taken by and belong to Nileta Kotsikou.)

Well last Sunday sweet Nileta from ImatioΘiki came to my house here in Thessaloniki to make this photoshoot. Its really interesting to see the perspective of an other person, and see not only myself but my house too, from the lense of a photographer. Such a great expirience! I own a big thanx to Nileta for being so patient ...I'm not the easiest person to pose. Εven though the result is amazing! Thank You!
Take a look at the full photoshoot and the interview HERE because this was just a small taste! And also show her some love people and like her page Here.

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My Moo Cards

November 14, 2011

Well today after a crazy morning at the Post Office (with me being the ''bad'' guy and the paranoid because ''they'' almost lost my package and kicked out of the Department's office!!), I finally got my MOO mini cards  on my hands! As you can see the cards are printed on both sides, using photos from blog's posts and the white side is for the name and my personal data. Check the photos here ,here and here.  So what do you think? 

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Esc_December Birds by Kitchen 29°

November 13, 2011


New collection 'Esc_december birds' by Ioanna Zikiri. Find it  from 23.11.2011 at Kitchen 29°

photos: epi papapetridou 
hair&make up: stevri tsinikori
model: daphne

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