Kawaii Handmade Rings

February 28, 2010

by SouZouCreationsWhere them if you dare!

The most crazy, kitsch and really huge rings come from Japan and they dare you to wear them! Kawaii in english means cuteness and is representing the Japanese pop culture as far as entertainment, music, clothes, food, games and even personal appearance are concerned. Sofia who lives with her husband in Fukuoka, opened a shop to sell her goodies ,SouZouCreations. SouZou is a Japanese word and somehow is a combination of the words 'creation' and 'imagination' . The Japanese character in the picture above which is also the label of the shop means exactly that: SouZou!! Miniatures is something truly representative of Japan and completely 'kawaii'!! Especially these rings that may not be practical and convenient as surely they need their space but they are really unique and dare you to wear them... and draw all the attention to your fingers!

Here is the link from the online shop :


Christina said...

Korufaio to daxtulidi! Den magkwnei sta rouxa?! :P

Lorelai Sebastian said...

xixixi... auto to kata ta alla uperedupwsiako daxtulidi, thelei ton xwro tu! einai gia ksexwristes emfaniseis!einai kosmima apo mono tu!
prwta vazeis palto k meta auto!

Happy Kathy Jewellery said...

geiaaaaaaaaaa!!!!ta eida sto blog s kai ta tsekara sto etsy...kai fusika parhggeila amesws kai to diko mou!!!!ta latrepsa ola!!!!na sai kala gia thn idea!!!!!!