''My Blog has 20+ followers'' GIVEAWAY [Closed]

April 13, 2010

My Blog has 20+ followers...Yeaaaaa.. I decided to do a Giveaway because I feel just great!!! Thanx everyone for following...
To the point... in order to take part you just have to follow some ''non-rules'' rules...see:
''Non-Rules''  Rules
1. You must be or become a follower.
2. You have to post a comment below with your favourite on-line store and your favourite blog!!
3. The giveaway it's open internationally.
4. It ends:  25  April !
5. You should write your email on the comment so that i can contact you.

Well now, the lucky ones will receice some goodies from the amazing 'theme' shop in Thessaloniki, Kitchen 29°! 

 You can see photos of the shop or photos of the new collection here : My Space -Kitchen 29
or you can visit it in Thessaloniki (Isavron 6 ,0030 2310 244 253) and see all the unique and 100% handmade things that makes the fashion designer Ioanna Zikiri!! You will love it!!!! here are the giveaway goodies ...


Ps: there will be a lottery among those who posted a comment and the winners will be announced in a seperate post


Sophey-Franny said...

1--my favorite on-line store: taza's store for headbands!! and the stores for sunglasses!!!

2--my favorite bloh--->


keep posting guapa!

Espia Collection of References said...

esa cancion de rod es una de mis preferidas
que lindo
bonito post amiga
un besote

ToKataifi said...

oooh..dn to i3era afto to magazaki...

agapimeno online magazaki:
(asian do it better :P)

favorite blog: nelle-magazine



Espia Collection of References said...

feliz dia para vos tambien!!!

me encanta lo video

te mando un
con o Ewan McGregor
un seriado da tele britain
mira se t egusta
un besazo

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love the outfits on your blog!

Bubu said...


Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


Tania said...

I'm not commenting for the giveaway, but I must say, you deserve more than just 20+ !
I love your blog (but I can't read Greek too well. I can read letters, not translate!)

Espia Collection of References said...

Haci para vos un Look en mi polyvore
espero que te gusta
un beso♥

Angeliki said...

φαντάσου να φτάσεις του 100! Μπράβο κορίτσι! Και εγώ θέλω να κάνω δωράκι αλλά έχω κολλήσει στο τι! Ειναι πολύ ωραία! Και πόσο γλυκά είναι αυτά τα ιδιαίτερα μαγαζιά! Κάνε google στο Razzmataz Kolonaki. πολύ ψαγμένο μαγαζί! Τελικά όμως και η Θεσσαλονίκη έχει τα τρελιάρικα της! Σε ευχαριστώ που έγινες Follower στο blog μου!

Nikita said...

Love your blog!

Espia Collection of References said...

mira tu email preciosa!!!

alex_alex said...


to blog einai teleio to xazeuw edw kai polu wra.....pws kai den to eixa xazepsei pio analutika nwritera...??!!!

loipon agaphmeno online store...
alla gia kati pio sxetiko...

kai agaphmeno blog...

sunexise etsi...!!!!! ;)