To know us better

September 5, 2010

by Belize on Deviant Art

Well... yesterday i was tagged by the fellow blogger of LIMITLESS FASHION 
witht the "Eight to the eight to the eight" tag!  

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
It could be anywhere...where i feel like home...
2.What is your favourite season and why?
Spring ...  it smells love everywhere ...
3.What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?
being creative...
4. Would you prefer to be a sea-air-or land animal, and why?
a sea and land animal!!!

5. If you could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be?

6.What do you wear most often, jeans, leggings or a combination of both?
I prefer skirts & dresses!
7.What is your favourite flower?
The anemones
8.What do you like most about blogging?
 get inspired/meeting new people

 So, my turn to tag :

 Anti from AdDel
Vero from Blame it on the Boogie 
Aubree from  Fataly Feminine Designs
Amanda from Espia Collections of References 
Natalie from Nakedtile 
Dindinaki Koudounaki from Dare to be Unique 
Zoe from Stripes 'n' Buttons 
Alessia from Smells like Fashion 

With the following questions:

1. Where is your number one destination?
2. Which is your guilty pleasure song?
3.  Which is your dream job?
4. What is your favourite food?
5. What's your best kids movie?
6. Which is your favourite piece in your closet?
7. In what do you believe in?
8. What do you like most about blogging?

NOW YOU: Αnswer them and find 8 questions and tag 8 people!



Alessia said...

xouxou teleia!mou aresoun polu ayta!!!

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

euxaristw polli glikia mouuu...prwta apo ola kai kiriws gia ta polli zesta kai glika sou comments..mou ftiaxnoun panta tin diathesi...kai meta gia to tag sto paixnidaki!!thalassino fili na ftasei mexri tin panemorfi thesaloniki!

Espia Collection of References said...

Gracias amiga querida
voy hacer tambien
un besazo
te extraño

natalie said...

Thanks for the tag sweetie! :)

Limitless Fashion said...

Lovely answers!:)


The Dolls Factory said...

great interview
Love your post , always following

Maybe you'll be interested in the FENDI GIVEAWAY I'm having on my blog.

S and O said...

Great post!
I love spring too :D


Reaction said...

ειμαι η εκατοστη follower και ειπα να σου πω ενα γειααα!Καλο φθινοπωρο χρωματιστο και δημιουργικο!