Mail Tag - Lets Do it!

December 1, 2014

Hello friends! I bumped up to this page recently and I had to share it with you. Miss Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon created this lovely site, where she explains all about this fun game played through the post. It's pretty simple one person writes down one or more requests (like "a page from a book" or "famous people you would invite to a dinner party") and mails them to another person. That person then, in turn, responds to those requests, writes some of their own and sends them back - repeat ad infinitum! On the site you can find a generator button so that you can find more ideas for requests and also a printable with the rules and a penpal survey. So I really liked the idea and I would love to start playing the game so, anyone who is interested please contact me!

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Petite Blasa said...

Playing mail tag is so fun! I always include some tags in my letters :)