DIY - Printable PopCorn Paper Bags

January 7, 2015

Hello friends! Happy new year to you all! Well these days right after the holidays are the worst, I mean it feels like too hard to get on the daily routine again and post christmas depression (!) it's real! Anyway I tried to stay creative and I prepared these simple and cute designs for you to print them and make your own PopCorn Bags! Well popcorn is my favourite snack (actually is the best snack ever!) and also the most popular movie snack! So if you enjoy planning geeky movie marathons with friends, you will definitely enjoy making your own popcorn bags! All you will need for the printing is some white paperbags (12,5x19cm / 4,9x7,5in) and a A4 home printer. Secure the bag on the A4 sheet, with some tape and it is ready (please see how here). I hope you liked my idea! Please if you do try it send me photos, I very much enjoy your feedback! Have fun!


Anne's Cake Party said...

woohooo <3 υπερτέλεια ιδέα, θα εφαρμοστεί!

Jessica said...

This is lovely x