Guest Post: Nef from U should buy this - Dreamy Lingerie

February 10, 2015

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When Lorelai asked me to do a post on dreamy lingerie, a moodboard was almost instantly formed in my head: girly parties, cotton candy, lollipops, braiding hair, trying each other's lipsticks, lots and lots of lace, pastels, all a bit washed out as if seen through the walden filter. So, here are some panties, and bras, and sets, in case you are ever invited to a Sofia Coppola inspired sleepover (if so, can I come, too?)

Unfortunately, one of my favorite lingerie/eye candy brands, The Loved One is taking a hiatus at the moment, but feast your eyes on their first video, and visit their vimeo page for more

                                                     The Loved One from The Loved One on Vimeo.

So please, put on your favorite lingerie, invite some friends over and shake your booty like it deserves to be shaken.


λενια said...

τα μαυρα ειναι τεεελεια!!!

Anonymous said...

I got underwear envy

Ana Rodarte said...

Oh, my gosh! I identified myself in so many pieces, hahah! I'm a lingerie lover, and this is a little bit frustrating. Speacially because I don't have so much money to spend on it right now. I really hope to fix this situation and, well, make some nice things too, like these hgh waisted pants (gosh, I love them!).