Common Girl

November 30, 2015

(big thax to Eve, Jo and Chris for helping me with the photos!)

L i s t e n  |   Hello lovelies! As it is already obvious I don't have much free time for blog posting the past few months, but this time I'm so excited I finally made it! I promise this month I'll be more active! So...I want to say that I'm proudly wearing my super glorious style statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. Bold necklaces is not exactly my thing, but once you find the o n e , you won't take it off! Happiness Boutique is full of eye candies believe me! Actually you can check the all statement necklaces here (there are so many!!!) and the bling bling earrings hereI'm pretty sure you'll find several pieces that suits your style. So what do you think of mine? I particularly enjoy wearing it with oversized t-shirts and colorful sweaters and of course with hats!

Ps: Stay tuned because a small surprise for you is coming this week, and a lot photography posts too! I'm leaving for a small trip to London in a few days and I'm super excited, and I can't wait to visit my favourite places again. So...many, maaany photos are about to come. Until then find me on Instagram as lorelai_sebastian and on Snapchat as lo_sebastian for the updates! Cheers!

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