Brands Galaxy Giveaway

March 9, 2011

Friends and readers, I have good news for you! Brands Galaxy, the 1st Private Shopping Club in Greece, is offering a 25€ gift check to a lucky reader of Lorelai's Things!

Well, Brands Galaxy is a shopping destination for branded apparel, footwear, accessories and homeware.  Its community, that consist only of members, has the opportunity of buying branded products and fashion items at prices up to 70% below the original retail price!! Company's associates constantly search the Greek and international fashion spots for products you always dreamed to acquire. You can join the community only by invitation, it's totally free and the members are getting all the updates and info of future campaigns via E-mail. So just do the click!
You should also check out Brands Galaxy Blog, the online space where you can be informed for the new world fashion trends and get all the updates from the inspiring posts!

So here  are the rules for this amazing giveaway :

1. Brands Galaxy is only delivering to Greece, so you have to be Greek resident.
2. You have to follow Lorelai's Things and also like the facebook page.
3. You should leave a comment to this post with your email, so that i can contact you, in case you are the winner.
4. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, March 16th. The winner will be announced after midnight with an update to this post.


Update: I used to pick up a number and the lucky girl is number 3 DaraManela  also a blogger !


Hellena said...

shopping time! :D

Emmanuelle said...

hmoun follower, ekana k like stn fb page....

Dara Manela said...


Anonymous said...

kot-itsa said...

ouf ouf namai k egw!

Wizy Wiz said...

aaa k allo giveaway!!mas exete kakoma8ei kale xixix ade kali mas epitixia!
xxx <3 <3

p.s.:fxaristw polu kai gia to comment..elpizw na sou arese kai na mou ksanar8eis :D

natalie said...

Great giveaway!

Vivian said...

fainetai wraio project auto to diagalaziako, alla den mou exei steilei kaneis emena invitation... bouxouxoux... :P

Kali epityxia se olous kai euxaristoume gia to giveaway!


Dara Manela said...

eyxaristwww!!!! :-)))