The Fashion Room Service ● Part 2

March 25, 2011

Here is the second part of the Fashion Room Service Event that took place last Sunday at Excelsior Hotel. Enjoy the photos..

Room 18 ● Scoopa

Room 16 ● Wesc Fotwear

Room 29 ● Thomis Papadimitriou

Room 25 ● Parthenis Bridal Collection

Rom 15 ● Aldo Cibic, Patricia Urquiola

Room 13 ● Drama Queen

Room 16 ● Digitaria

Once again I want to say we had an amazing Sunday evening, we got really inspired from the artists and we  are hoping for more similar events in the future! So after you checked every room it's time for the bloggers! Here we are then... fabulous Vero, stylish Alex and mustache me ...

{skirt,top and shoulder bag from Zara, tights from Galzedonia, random bangles, Asos shoes, Tatty Devine mustache necklace, Division 925 silver hanger necklace(from the collection you saw here )}

See you soon!


Florendia said...

Super! Love your last photo!

Frini said...

u are such a sweetheart!!and i totally love your look!!plus, it's always refreshing to see such lovely faces like yours guys!!keep up the good mood!

kiss kiss*

Signorina Christina said...

teleis photos!!!Tights kai necklace ta spaneeeeee!! :D


Sofi Moukidou said...

check my blog out!
exeis prosklhsh!

Hélène Marie Jeanne said...

kale ateleiwtes oi photos apo keinh th mera!!poso stenaxwre8hka pou den hr8a :((