Day Off at Fenafresh!

April 17, 2011

Yesterday it's true that we took the DAY OFF! At Fena Fresh we enjoyed the second fashion event, introduced by! We had the chance to live an all day party with the best OFF DJs in the most style store in the city. Visitors enjoyed the fresh fashion collections and also had the possibility to try them and make their own looks!You can check out the outfits here and 'like' them if you want because the picture with the mosts likes is the lucky one and she or he will gain the whole outfit!!
Of course we couldn't do all that without the company of four lovingly coctails!Smirnoff Mojito was definitely my favourite...just what you needed to be freshened up!! So enjoy the photos!

Fenafresh-Ilisia building from 1930 is amazing

 My favourite clutches

Hoping for more Off events in the city!

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Florendia said...

Τέλειες φωτογραφίες!

Dara Manela said...

εγώ κάνω like στο μονδελο-Στελλίνα!!!

Christina said...

ti wraia pou sou paei to kokkino kragion! wraies photos!

alkisti said...

re su pragmatika, to blog sou me kanei na thelw na fugw apo thn athina!

Louise said...

Ohh Im so jealous! looks like you had a great time. I LOVE that outfit :) xx

Sofi Moukidou said...

teleies fotos!
m aresei h tsanta - sfougari k to sunolo stn teleutaia foto ta spaei!

Vivian said...

ax! auto to spongodes clutch to exw erwteutei kai egw!!! :D
poly wraies fotos! :D

MenI said...

poso agapw fena fresh <3
katapliktikes oi fwto..
kai to kokkino kragion sou paei toooso poli!! :)

Unknown said...

i love fena !!Opote paw thessaloniki oposdhpote mia episkepsi thn kanw!!

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

I love this sponge-made clutch ^^
So funny :)

ps:I love your blog so i'm follwing you =)