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September 22, 2011

As I said to my previous post about Vogue Fashion's Night Out...Fashion lies in the streets and not in the Boutiques. So enjoy the most interesting part of all...the outfits, the street style photos and the ''I'm so damn tired but I can still pull it off and party'' photos!

Joanna - Chris

Sexy and chic Kelly

Georgia Dodou

Stefanos Malamas - The boy with the stach

Me - Veronika

@Massimo Dutti

@Nati-Mati  -  @Rania Xanthopoulou

Ready to Party!

Chris and Dimitra

Chris - me

Matina and Vasilis 

Huge Thanx for the extra photos to my gals! And of course check all the other blogs for more pics!

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Christina said...

Teleies fwtografies!! Eidika h deuterh pou einai ola ta alania mazi!! Super in general!

Vanda said...

I am getting GREEN of envye!!!!!! Itan ola teleia, ta agoria toso IN STYLE!!!! Apo ta agapimena mou: to koritsi me to POUA, apo korifi me ta podia, itan teleia!!!

zansot said...

pantoy hsoun vre kopelara mou ti fwtografies! :D

Marise said...

It look like you had such a great time :D Oh, and you looked amazing! Your hair is adorable!

Angelina said...

teleies photographies!
kai wraios kosmos!

Jo said...

Πρέπει να είναι δύσκολο να πηγαίνεις σε μια οργάνωση "μοδάτη" και να είσαι από τους μόνους που έχουν στυλ... Ξέρεις για τι μιλάω! *wink*
Ευχαριστώ για τα κόμεντ ακόμη μία φορά... Πότε θα κατέβεις Αθήνα???

Wizy Wiz said...

para polu wraies photografies!!!me apisteuta outfits <3 (a!kai teleio to malli sou etsi)

Wizy Wiz

Feel What's Real said...

Η τσάντα σου η κόκκινη είναι τε-λει-ό-τα-τη!!

Feel What's Real said...

Η τσάντα σου η κόκκινη είναι τε-λει-ό-τα-τη!!

V and S (zuckerfrei). said...

Nice hair look :P

Anonymous said...

LOVE your style!