Street Portrait Project SS12 ► SPANAKI

February 29, 2012

For those who don't already know those beautiful handmade clutches...let me introduce to you, Spanaki and its unique creations! Anna Germanou, the designer behind Spanaki, upcycles magazine covers, books and newspapers into stylish, eco-friendly handbags! I'm always impressed by people who can make the difference by creating something so original and unique with existing materials we usually consider useless! So this time Anna had this amazing idea for photoshooting the new SS2012 collection for Asos Marketplace. Street Portrait Pojects is based on the idea that a clutch can be rock, glam, chic or retro, depending on who is wearing it! And for that, 5 stylish girls (and yes, as you see I was one of them and the smile on my face is still so big!) were photographed, wearing the new Spanaki clutches!Enjoy!

Meet the ladies...

Read more about this project, Here. Check out the official site Here and show Spanaki your love on the Facebook page here! Big Thanx to all the girls that kept us warm with their smiles!

You can find all these amazing clutches on Asos Marketplace!

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Vivian said...

love the pics
love Spanaki
love Lorelai!

Dena said...

WOW bravo bravo teleio project fantastikes stis photos oles sas!!

Anonymous said...


Jo said...

kala ouaou? sagoni sto patwma....

Vanda said...

Autes oi tsandes einai apithanes...kai oi FOTOGRAFIES? OLA TA LEFTA!!!! Eiste oles koukles kai propantos FULL OF STYLE!!!!!
Para poli oraio Projet koritsia, bravo sas!!!
filia koukla mou, panta parakoloutho tis ''kiniseis'' sou!

ToKataifi said...

πειραζει που εγω θελω να πω "το κορμι σου το φιδισιο?" ...ειμαι σις δικαιολογουμαι said...

Poli omorfi i douleia tis!
Den eixa idea gia to brand! Poli endiaferon! Bravo!
Lot's of love!

Angelina said...

poli wraia photografisi.
koukles oles.