Blogging Tips

December 2, 2013

Hello lovelies! I recently added a FAQ page on the blog and I asked for you to shoot me with any questions you may have. So I received an email from a sweet girl asking me to give tips / dos and don'ts about the fashion blogging. Actually I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, but I thought this is a very good opportunity for a post with some very essentials blogging tips for a beginner. Let's see then...

Well lets start with the first thing that a reader will notice...the layout! Looks does matter here! As a designer and a blog reader I can assure you that attractive aesthetics are very important. It's the first impression.  That doesn't mean that your blog has to be flashy, just appealing to the reader's eye. Keep it clean and simple. A overloaded blog with a million over sized banners it's something really unattractive and nonprofessional. Pay attention to the fonts and the colors. You can find online tutorials and html tips on how to redesign your blog, or you can ask a professional to do it for you. Pay also attention to the photos you use. Bad photography are a very good reason not to scroll down. You don't have to be a photographer, own a professional camera or be a photoshop expert. You can find online many tools/pages to edit and resize (please do that, so that on a blog post all your photos have the same width and are properly aligned) your photos. Check this online editor here. (I will prepare a different post, only with design and photography tips soon.)

Social Networking is the best! Bloggers turn to social media when it comes to building an audience. Keep also in mind that not every reader of yours is a blogger, that means that your audience must have a lot of options to keep up with the blog updates. Facebook (page), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (Bloglovin as well) provide you with many opportunities to attract new readers. Be genuine and keep it real please! Also remember that nobody likes a spammer! Don't forget to display your social media icons on your blog somewhere visible to your readers. Besides using the social media for promoting your blog you can find other communities,  which will help you connect with bloggers from all over the world.

As for the giveaways, its a great way to gain exposure and popularity, no matter the type of your blog. There are a few ways to run a giveaway. If you are the sponsor  and no one else is involved, you can set the terms and the limits yourself. You can giveaway anything really! Not necessarily something you made. It could be ad space for example or a product you own, except If you have a shop or you make handmade goodies, this is the best way to promote them. Now if you are interested in working with someone else, that means that a sponsor (another blogger, a company, a shop owner) will provide their products or their services for the giveaway. Always remember that your blog's and your personal style is very important, so remember to choose your sponsors and the products wisely. Approach the company/blogger/shop-owner introduce them to your blog and let them know that your readers will be interested in their products and encourage them to sponsor your giveaway. Make sure to inform them that you will feature their services/work/products on the giveaway post and on your social media accounts.  So that means that for the giveaway to be successful you have to promote it.

That's all for now! If you do have any other topics and questions, you can always contact me and inspire me to write more posts about blogging. I will be waiting! And also stay tuned coz I've got somenthing good for you real soon! 


Selini Σελήνη said...

Great tips, I will follow plenty of them!
I am waiting for the foto tips, also! :)

daphne on a rocketship said...

ohhh tha perimenw anipomona gia to post me design tips!!! <3