My super cool mom is a blogger!

December 13, 2013

I never had the chance to post here about my super mom!  well there's no way i can be objective about my mom but i can definitely say she is a very creative person, full of ideas and fantasy! She enjoys knitting and embroidery, she loves every thing small, cute and handmade. And of course she makes the most delicious delicacies (yes! this is totally objective!). So last spring she had the idea to start a blog and share with you her ideas, her goodies and creations and whatever inspires her. She picked the name Oikodespoina (in greek it means hostess, but also her name is Despoina) and is a small sample...enjoy!

So check my mom's blog Here and so your love people and like her Facebook page!

Ps: The giveaway winner is this supergirl.Gongruts Annie!


Jo said...

congrats on your mum's blog! makari na itan oles oi mammades toso cool!

Anonymous said...

well done mama Oiko-Despoina! all the best!


Sophia Oh my deer said...

Υπέροχη η μαμά Οικο-Δέσποινα!! ;)))