Guest Post - Motivational Wallpapers by Chelcey Tate

April 23, 2015

First off, let me introduce myself in an Instagram fashion to keep it short and sweet! Dreamer, photographer, graphic designer, blogger, believer, fiance to Sean, puppy mom to Kodah and big sister to 4 based in Louisville, KY. 

I'm so thrilled that Lorelai has invited me to share with you today! With hand lettering being one of my biggest passions, I thought that it would be fitting to create a few motivating desktop downloads. When I was designing these I was in one of those moods that come around every once in a while where I'm feeling completely uninspired. I couldn't come up with new content for my blog, I was completely stumped on ideas for my print shop, and Instagram had me wishing I was as creative as everyone else who was flowing with ideas that day. 

The truth is that not everyone's life is as glamorous as it may seem on social media. Sure, I may have posted a photo of a new piece that I had been working on, but the photo was actually from 3 days ago when I couldn't get the ideas to stop! I guess the point of this post is to remind you that everyone feels uninspired sometimes. The creativity isn't always flowing freely, and that's OK. I hope that these desktop downloads will bring you an extra dose of inspiration when you're having a day like I was having when these were created. 

 P.S. Does anyone else think of Gilmore Girls every time they stumble upon Lorelai's blog? Even the photo of her in the sidebar reminds me of a Gilmore! No? Just me? Ok, cool.


Gogo said...

ωωωω τελεια τα γραφικα! θα τα κατεβασω να τα δοκιμασω τωρα.το δευτερο μαρεσει πολυ! μπραβο κοριτσια

Lorelai Sebastian said...

καλε φχαριστουμε!

Rūta said...

Ahaha I literally wanted to say that I'm always reminded of Gilmore Girls! Glad I'm not the only one!

I really like these wallpapers!!

Lorelai Sebastian said...

awwww Thank you miss Ruta! Chelcey is the coolest <3