Guest Post - Sensuala Daydream Playlist

April 16, 2015

If you ever (for any unexplainable reasons) challenge yourself with a trivia about me, and you get asked “what kinda music does Ada listen to?”, fear not. Because today, with this long-awaited (from my side) guest blog-post you’ll get more than prepared for this hard-hitting question. This playlist for my dearest Lorelai and her readers is full of what I like to call sensual jam. I was never able to clearly favorite any specific music genre but I quickly realized that baby-making music was my thing. Whether it’s straight from the ‘hood, alt rock, disco, experimental electronic or, you name it, it only has to get you in the mood in any way. So, this is for you. You know the drill.

Here is the playlist on youtube



Liz. said...

ariel pink <3

Sara F said...

love her music. great post!

μαρία said...

ωραια ιδεα μπραβο κοριτσια!