Project ''Valaoritou 20''

May 6, 2011

Yesterday was the opening night of the project 'Valaoriotu 20' , introduced by Georgia Dodou and Kyriaki Sidiropoulou . Four designers were part of this 'fashion installation'... the jewel designer Katerina Ioannidis , the fashion designer Thomis Papadimitriou, the costum light designer Giannis Pomakis and the art designer Nikos Rakkas.  The idea of the project was the  presentation and the introduction of the designers work with the audience. Check out the photos because, I think this inspiring concept was just the beginning for what is coming up in the future. The projects 'Concepts Incorporated' will continue and more events will take palce in Thessaloniki, with participants designers from diferent backgrounds.

The amazing loft where the event took place!(Space of the architectural duo Nikiforidis - Cuomo)I loved the decoration and the plastic curtain.

After she was introduced to us here, now we see more of  Thomis Papadimitriou's new work! I just loved the bright blue dress! Enjoy her creations!

I first saw his work here, but this time his photos totally blew my mind! The first one is really my favourite and if you could see the title, says "Without you I'm nothing" (that is also my favourite Placebo song).  Actually Nikos Rakkas told me his titles is something like a soundtrack! 

Katerina Ioannidis's jewelry  were presented with a very original way!

My people

The food editor of the night Dimitris Koparanis doing his thing...that blurry photo effect!

Check out the promo video!

The event is still on for two more days Saturday 07/05 and Sunday 08/05 from 12 pm  until 12 am.
Address: Valaoritou 20 - 6th floor, Thessaloniki
Don't miss it!

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Mairyliscious said...

how nice....!!!

Happy Kathy said...

Ti na prwtopw...gia tis photo me ta playmobil oi opoies se gemizoun empneush h to tragoudi twn Placebo pou se gemizei agaph???Teleiaaaa ola!!Mprabo sta paidia!!

Hélène Marie Jeanne said...

lew na to apiskeftw aurioooo! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics:)