Meet Mary Katrantzou :: Backstage Footage

September 8, 2011

It was a night to remember! Yesterday along with Alexander and Vero we attented the big event 'Meet Mary Katrantzou' and we had the chance to see the whole process of the evening from the backstage and actually meet and interview Mary Katrantzou. Whatever I write can't even begin to describe my feeling when I first entered the room and I saw the clothes and the shoes. Bold colorful prints, beautiful textiles and red sole heels! And it was just the begining! Upstairs was presented an exibition with pieces from past collections of the talented designer and finally at the end, the fashion show with the latest collection Fall Winter 2011.

The Christian Louboutin heels for Mary Katrantzou was definetely my cup of tea

Dimitris Giannetos, the make up artist and hair stylist of the night -who was actually the life and soul of the room- doing his magic along with Elnett- L'Oreal  hair spray!

 Dimitris Giannetos and Stefanos Malamas, the art director of the show, along with the models.

Photos of the exhibition with the past collections of Mary Katrantzou.

As you see it was a unique expirience and for all that I truly want to thank Nantia Matha, the online marketing manager of L'Oreal, who took  good care of us and helped us feel like home, and also Despina Amarantidou- Brand manager of L'Oreal Paris, Maria Miliou- PR and Communications Director of L'Oreal Hellas, Maria Chatziamalou Communication Director of Lancome and Stefanos Malamas-Art Director of the night. Thank you people, you made my night so special.

The Interview with Mary Katrantzou and videos from the show coming up real soon!

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Anne's Cake Party said...

αχουυυ! τι ομορφα ολα, ειδικα τα παπουτσια! εσεις ομως κλεψατε την παρασταση! κουκλιτσες! Λορελαι ειδικα : αγαπω το μαλλι σου <3


Vanda said...

wOW!!!i am impressed!!!Nice photos of the backstage and the clothes!!!! Looking foward to seeing the INTERVIEW!! You are the best!!

Kat said...

Τέλειαααα όλα!
Πάντα υποστήριζα το mixed prints και τώρα έχω κι επιχειρηματα!
Καποιος φαίνεται να περασε τέλεια!

naiad said...

teleia rouxa!!!!
thanx for sharing

ronan said...

WOOOOW look at these pieces! another amazing event! :o so individual xxx said...

ola einai panemorfa k ksexorista!ekpliktika xromata,mixed prints!makari na mporousa na er8o....:)

Feel What's Real said...

πόσο μαγικά φαίνονται όλα!!

Marise said...

I love every single thing about this! The shape, the colors, the feeling in every piece! Perfect :)

Dara Manela said...

τα καλυτερα μοντέλα ήσασταν εσείς εχω να ομολογήσω!!! φτου φτου!!!

immabill said...

Amazing May .. As always

Unknown said...

Great photos! I'd also like to add that I love your hair style. Consider doing a tutorial :P

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

εχεις υπεροχα μαλλια!!!

Giorgis said...

ενα προς ενα <3