Updates on Lorelai's Themes

December 5, 2013

Hello readers! Well, if you don't already know it, some months ago, I launched an online page with premade layouts for Blogger template, available for purchase. Well I have new for you ... First of all, Lorelai's Themes page changed a bit and also moved on tumblr, so here it is. Plus I designed two new themes for you! Here they are...

Girls & Stories Theme  Features :  Header Title & Description   //  Horizontal Menu  //  Post Width: 640pxRight   //  Sidebar For Widgets  //  2 Custom fonts

A Girl and Some Tunes  Features:  Full Screen, fixed and transparent, Navigation menu  //  Blog Title and Description  //  Post Width: 640px  //  Right Sidebar For Widgets  //  2 Custom fonts

These themes were designed to be simple and clean, however keep in mind, that you can always customize your blogger layout! You can change the fonts or the colors and you can add a custom header, sidebar buttons, signature, social buttons, favicons, banners etc. regarding to your needs. So feel free to take a look at Lorelai's Themes and don't hesitate to contact me at for any questions you may have. Your e-mails are always welcome!

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Unknown said...

love the feel of your blog! New follower!

Jo said...

vale ligi glukerini kai polu nero giati alliws tha sou pixei!!!