My Favourite Beauty Products

April 6, 2015

Hey friends! Well this is the first time I'm posting about beauty products. I'm not a beauty blogger or an expert of course and I'm not some kind of beauty-products freak!! It literally took me years to convince myself to try any kind of beauty treatment! Though the following products are some of my favourites, that I have tried and I keep using them on a regular basis.

01. Lorven Exotic Oil. (Argan Oil, Monoi de Tahiti Oil, UV filter) This is my favourite hair product! It took me years to finally try a dry-oil product for my hair, but once you use it,you can't go back! I apply it on damp hair, or sometimes on dry hair too if I want to control the frizz. It has uv filter, makes the hair super shiny and soft, and also prevents split ends if you are using heat for styling often. 

02.Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (A salt-infused styling sprayWell this is a product I very recently purchased, but I can safely say it's magic! My hair is curly,though through the years my curls were damaged by heat, stress, health disorders, styling etc so I ended up using curling irons. This spray helped my hair to get back it's natural look. I use it on damp hair, and I let dry, without using any heat. It gives great volume and texture without feeling dry. Mermaid Hair  all year long! (I think it works better on naturally curly / wavy hair.)

03.Korres Body Milk Vanilla, Fressia, Lychee. It simply smells divine! I have really dry skin (especially during the winter) and this body milk (with great rich texture) provides long-lasting hydration, so is just perfect for me!

04.Apivita Shampoo with honey & tea tree (for dry scalp) Yes I have dry scalp and I have tried similar products, but this Apivita Shampoo really helped me control it. It helps hydrate, soothes irritated scalp and controls the itching. You can totally see the difference. I use it all year long.

05. Clinique Roll on  All About Eyes Serum Well I have said it before, dark circles are so loyal to me. there's nothing I can do. You definitely can't get rid of them, but you can use this roll on to make your eyes look and feel more relaxed! You can apply it even with your make up on. It reduces the appearance of dark circles, brightens the eye area and leaves it moisturized. Small tip...keep it in your fridge! It works better that way!

I totally recommend you to use them and please tell me if you have tried them already and what do you think. Also let me know of other similar products you have tried, or if you know any other cool item I have to find about! And at last... stay tuned because guests posts are coming with really cool stuff! The invitation is still open by the way, so if you are interested you can contact me any time! Cheers!


Maria K. said...

to lorvenn to ladi einai odos exairetiko. oso gia tous kuklous ego den exv vrei akoma kt na voithaei pragnatika

Johanna said...

wow interesting post. Definitely i'm gonna try the surf spray, i was looking for a product like this, i have curly hair too. Thank u!